Ichor are a dynamic team of young cadets and industry veterans who are passionate about building and are committed to exceptional customer service. We live by our values of honesty, partnership, respect, professionalism and innovation and are eager to meet like-minded individuals who share our passion and beliefs.

The culture in Ichor is inclusive, team-orientated, fun, respectful and transparent. Our directors run an open door policy and they are genuinely interested in helping our staff grow and develop professionally. If you are quality-driven, ambitious, hardworking, passionate about building, committed to exceptional service and are looking for your next challenge, Ichor is the place to be.

  • Ichor are committed to professional growth and development. We take the time to map out the individual career goals of every member of our team and ensure they have room to grow and progress within the company. As part of this routine, we conduct bi-annual role reviews to ensure all personnel are on track in achieving their professional goals.

  • Ichor encourage staff membership to professional associations and support their journey for professional growth through relevant trainings, webinars, educational functions and courses. Our on-the-job training is run as a mentoring program whereby cadets are partnered with senior staff and both participants reap the rewards of a collaborative partnership.

  • Ichor believe in nurturing the inherent potential of each of our staff by providing as much opportunities for them to explore, grow and achieve. As part of Ichor’s cadetship program, cadets are given the opportunity to experience every aspect of Ichor’s service delivery from procurement, estimating, project management and site management.

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Ichor are currently seeking and hiring experienced Construction Managers, Project Managers, Site Managers, Contract Administrators and Estimators to join our team. Please send through your most updated CV and we will be in touch with you to discuss possible opportunities.


Ichor have delivered a diverse portfolio of projects for clients across industries and sectors. We enjoy a high client retention rate and are known for our dedicated, specialist teams who work closely with the client from contract award through to project completion.